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Mert Stewart is in perfect synchronicity with his horse as they head for the steer at the Taylorsville Junior Rodeo on July 28 and 29. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

Junior Rodeo in Taylorsville is hot

A steady stream of up-and-coming rodeo riders fed through competitions in Taylorsville at the Junior Rodeo on July 28 and 29.

Junior rodeo competition includes events such as steer daubing where young riders show their ability to get close enough to a running steer to “daub” them with something similar to a bingo paint dauber, very similar.

Team roping is a very popular event where one rider lassos the horns of a steer (heading) and then the second rider lassos the rear legs (heeling). At the Taylorsville rodeo, competitors switched team positions from front lasso to rear as well as different team member combinations.

For steer roping, younger riders performed this singular roping technique with an adult member in the arena with them.

The weekend also included goat roping, barrels, single stake and chute dogging. The goal in each of the events, along with just accomplishing the task in the first place, is speed.

Many of the events in the junior competition look to be training tools for the wrangling kids to safely learn the skills they will need to progress and take on some of the traditionally rougher classic rodeo challenges.

Daisy Neer received the “Hard Luck Award” for falling off her horse. She didn’t seem to mind much; she received a very nice breast collar along with the title.

“She just loves this,” said Daisy’s mom, Shelley Goss Neer. It’s kind of a summer time activity for Daisy each year and “she gets better and better,” said her Mom.

Look for more rodeo pictures and coverage in next week’s Sports section.

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