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Letter to editor: Quincy Candidates Forum April 20

Mr. Cline, you were asked a question at the Quincy forum that you apparently misunderstood, given your response.

Several people throughout the County have asked about your primary place of residence given that when you retired from the Sheriff’s Office you moved to your Reno home where you registered to vote, registered all your vehicles and had your kids in school there.

Folks were wondering if you won the election where were you going to locate, where was your family going to locate, where were you going to work from, could the distance response between Plumas County and Reno create a problem for you, your family or Plumas County residents.

You responded with you have a son with special needs that are cared for in Reno that Plumas County can not offer and all the trips your wife has to make back and forth from Reno to Portola with a business in Portola and your kids in Reno school was hard on her, understandably so, and that’s why you moved to Reno. A lot of people retire from California and move to other states for all kinds of reasons. The way things are going any of us on fixed incomes could be next.

Nobody was questioning your personal life. You and your wife are good parents and appear to make sound personal fiscal decisions.

I was asked to present the question on behalf of several dozen Plumas County residents and I do apologize if the wording upset you. The reason I submit this to Plumasnews rather than contacting you is that I wanted the audience that was there to also know there was no intent to question the decisions affecting your personal life.

Terry Bergstrand

Blairsden, CA

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