Letter to the editor: President Harris , seated January 20, 2021, 2022?

According to a person “in the know”, people get the Government they deserve. That means that those who are satisfied with the Biden victory are permitted to refer to Trump supporters as Terrorists, Nazis, Racists, and other derogatory titles.

Any equal retort is absolutely a bias statement. The theory is very simple, i.e. shut down any opposition. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler were successful in establishing their regimes.The swamp people like to accomplish the same. The swamp wants absolute power.

After a very short time in office, President Biden has not managed to unite the people. President Biden is a very nice elderly person, but the swamp people are abusing him. He will not be president for very long. At this time Vice President Harris walks softly. She has been told not to voice anything that could cause a problem at a later date. However, she appears to be anti white.

The critical dates are the 20th of January each year. If Mr. Biden is declared incompetent and/or otherwise found to be unfit for office, Mrs. Harris becomes President. If she takes office after January 20, after the mid term elections, she is permitted to serve the remaining portion of the second two years, plus two full four year terms. Mrs. Harris will be the first woman to serve as President, for ten years. Give or take a day or so.


This entire scenario has been developed by the swamp people. They knew that President Biden couldn’t serve out his time in office. The simply use him.

The thought occurs that if the swamp characters are able to abuse the President, how will they treat the people, the regular everyday people.

Finally, at this time the Government is operating as predicted by Mr. Trump. It’s a token of things to come. Enjoy the Government you deserve.

Jan Klement


PS. Did you really think you voted for Mr. Biden?