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Local players do well in major regional tournaments

We had a nice even 12 players with one guest from Portola, Howard Lee, and one visitor from Reno, Beverly Castillo. Keith Nelson took first with13 game points over six wins while Lee came in second finishing the day with a 12/6 score card.

Clyde Terry took third with a 12/5 card and Dave Boynton came in fourth posting 11/5.

There were three 24-hands dealt that day to Lee, Boynton and Nelson who got the last one to win the 24-Hand Pot.

There also were three 4-of-a-kind hands held by Darlene Pekovich, Doug Hart and Lee Davis. They cut for the high card to determine the winner of the side pot, which Doug won.

Several members of our grassroots club played in major tournaments in Susanville and Reno over the weekend and did quite well. Les Rasmussen from Reno, who is one of our regular players, won the Cribbage Bowl Friday night at the Sands Regency in Reno. He had a grand slam winning every game in the 12-game tournament to place first against 370 other players!

Brad Archer placed sixth in the Canadian Doubles Tournament in Susanville competing with 42 other teams. Ron Jensen from the Reno club was the other half of Brad’s team.

I, Doug Rodrigues, who is also the Graeagle Peggers Club director, barely qualified in the Tournament of Champions on Friday morning at the Sands and I made it to the third round.

I also qualified in the main tournament Saturday morning and again made it to the third round before getting knocked out.Ron Morgan qualified in the Main Consolation Tournament, but got bumped out in the first round.

The Graeagle Peggers meet at Gumba’s Pizza in Blairsden every Saturday and play a 9-game tournament. Check-in is at 10:45 a.m. and play begins at 11. Tournaments that qualify are sanctioned by the American Cribbage Congress. Players of all skill levels are welcome, but you must be 18 years or older to participate in the money side pots. New players are given a grace period where our more seasoned players help them with counting their hands and with tournament rules. We think you will find this to be a very friendly group!

For more information or questions, contact Club Director Doug Rodrigues at 836-4254.

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