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Shoveling warriors from front, Jim Marx (orange jacket), Chuck Franck in the middle and Ken McMaster at the back. Photos submitted

Plumas Eureka Park snow grooming report

Heavy snow covers the land as volunteers approach the pedestrian bridge at Jamison Mine in Plumas Eureka State Park. Before grooming the trail, you have to FIND the trail!

“WOW, what a couple of weeks this has been … so much snow, as we all know!” said volunteer snow groomer Ken McMaster. “Sorry for the lack of grooming report, but there has been none!

But, the volunteer crew has been hard at work trying to handle all the deep snow and uncovering the grooming equipment, besides their own snow removal at home. “Last week, they removed about 4 feet of snow from the machines (a full day of shoveling) and repositioned the machinery, only to have another 4 feet of snow burying the equipment again,” said McMaster. “Do we live in a winter wonderland or what?”

Snow depth has been too deep on site to take out snowmobiles without getting continually stuck. The week of Feb. 22, Tom Connelly groomed each trailhead with a Piston Bulley 400 (a large groomer) and some incumbent trails when the machine broke down. “Hopefully, we can get his assistance again, soon,” said McMaster.

It has been quite a challenge for the volunteer crew with snow continually falling. Volunteer Tim Hardie reports that volunteers have logged 18 hours of hand shoveling time to get the basics of grooming done at the Jamison Mine trailhead. To make that happen four volunteers uncovered the grooming equipment again. “Put in two hours of hard work to get the tracking equipment loose from their snow depths,” said Hardie. This hard work allowed Hardie and McMaster to groom the trail to the pedestrian bridge at the Jamison Mine to find the bridge itself buried and impassable to their machines.

Jamison trail is packed almost to the Little Jamison Creek Bridge with the roller, no set track. “Until the snow settles much more, we won’t be able to groom other trails, but we will keep trying!” said McMaster. Grooming is planned to continue this week.

“We now have a donation box located on the kiosk at the Jamison Trailhead, your efforts are appreciated and needed. Thank you!” said McMaster.

“Please check PESPA web site for weekly trail conditions at plumas-eureka.org before you head out to enjoy this winter wonderland,” advised Hardie. “When you go be ready for the most spectacular views of this park ever witnessed. I describe it as personal trip into a private snow globe.”

Skiing or snowshoeing into this country requires common sense as noted on the weekly report on the PESPA website, “Always go with a partner, and let others know of your route for the day. Remember there is no cell reception in most places in the Park,” said Hardie.

The park is hosting the last of the longboard races for the 2019 season Sunday, March 17. The fun begins around noon at the Historic Johnsville Ski Bowl. Close parking is limited. “Come early and snowshoe,” suggests Hardie.

A “Moonwalk” will be held Wednesday, March 20, at the Historic Park Museum, including hot cocoa and hot cider with a warm fireplace inside.

“This full moon is called Worm Moon; walk to begin at sunset and welcome the first day of spring to start the 2019 season at the Park,” invites Hardie.

More information is available at 249-4288. There is no charge to participate in the “snowshoe only” event. A reminder, dogs are not allowed on the park trails. “The Moonwalk hike will be led by experienced snowshoers,” said Hardie.

Trail Report

Jamison Trail: Open, groomed, no set track. Groomed to about 150 feet from the bridge across the creek. Total of about three miles of groomed skiing, out and back.

Harper’s Way: Open, ungroomed, deep snow.

Camp Lisa: Open, ungroomed, deep snow.

Upper Campground: Open, ungroomed.

Campground: Open, ungroomed.

Lower Campground: Open, not groomed. Trail won’t be groomed this season due to downed trees.

Bear Scat Flat: Open, not groomed.

Plumas-Eureka: Open, ungroomed.

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