Sabina Winter has her back to the sun as an advantage during her serve May 10 in Quincy. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Quincy High tennis season comes to a close

Mari Erin Roth

Gallagher organized a community tennis event mid May that attracted local tennis buffs to the Quincy courts. “The community match was fun and a nice way to end the season,” said Gallagher. “Thanks to the 10 community, parents, teachers, and friends who participated and made it happen for the QHS tennis team.”

The tennis season is just beginning for locals, after a nice little snow May 20, and there are courts at various places around the county that are open to the public. Gallagher is one of the players that can be found out on the courts during the sunshine months locally. With any luck, Gallagher will be back next season, in what we all hope will be a more normal athletic season for sports. Regardless, that the 2021 season happened at all was a real plus for everyone. “I really enjoyed working with this group (QHS and competitors), a great group of student athletes,” said Gallagher.