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Remember When for the week of 4/10/19

100 YEARS AGO … 1919

Advertisement: Spring baby chicks for sale. Buy your hatching chicks from a man who thoroughly understands poultry in our climate—Archibold Poultry & Produce– Reno, Nevada.

50 YEARS AGO … 1969

With a 27 percent turnout at the polls Tuesday, Plumas voters elected incumbent Plumas Unified School District board member Ralph Boss of Quincy, incumbent Mary Ellen Garrett of Chester and newly elected member Dr. Ivan Althouse of Quincy, from a field of nine other candidates.

25 YEARS AGO … 1994

Greyhound Bus service throughout Plumas County was one of the items on the agenda at the Plumas County Board of Supervisors meeting this week. Greyhound Bus service was available in Plumas County through Quincy until 1990 when Greyhound terminated service due to cost restraints and at that time the Board of Supervisors refused to offer a $20,000 subsidy request to maintain the route.

10 YEARS AGO … 2009

In efforts to attract candidates for upcoming school principals, the Pumas Unified School District board made adjustments to salary scales : Elementary School principal’s salaries are currently $64,000 to $69,000 yearly and will be raised to $73,000 to $78,000 per year. High school principals: salaries are currently $72,000 to $76,000 and will be raised to $80,000 to $86,000 yearly pay base.

Note: items included in the weekly Remember When column are taken from our bound newspaper archives and represent writing styles of that particular period. The spelling and grammar are not edited, so the copy is presented as it actually appeared in the original newspaper.

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