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Ranger Carlos Holguin leads guided snowshoe tours for visitors within the Almanor Ranger District. Photo by Shalee Purin

Seasonal snowshoe tours are now available at Lassen

A scenic addition or an alternative to change up any daily workout routine is as close as the local National Forest Service office.

The Almanor Ranger District offers free guided walks throughout the Pacific Crest Trail, Stover Mountain, McGowen Cross-Country Ski Area and Morgan Summit.

Owning seasonal equipment such as a pair of snowshoes is not necessary to participate in these educational walks. The local ranger district has multiple pairs on hand for visitor convenience.

Public walks are offered every other Friday and are geared for beginners ages 8 and up. The season begins in January and usually wraps up the end of March, but may be extended longer this season due to the heavy snowfall.

In addition to public walks, the Almanor Ranger District has been taking local school children on outdoor nature walks for the past 13 years. 

The ranger district invites groups and individuals of all fitness levels to participate in walks. The district has a wide variety of trails and is able to match individuals and groups with the appropriate trail to match the desired fitness goal for the day.

Visitors are encouraged to schedule group walks, sign up for the beginners walk or stop by the office located at 900 E. Hwy. 36 in Chester for a firsthand look at the district’s offerings.

The seasonal activity is offered without charge.

For more information, call Ranger Carlos Holguin at 258-2141 or via email at [email protected].

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