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Snow grooming report for the week of 2/5/20

The trails were groomed Jan. 28 with brand new grooming volunteer Lance B., and all the trails are now open. Ten-plus kilometers overall of trails are available for recreational snow shoeing, skating or skiing.

The trails are holding up incredibly well; groomed using only the roller to flatten the trails. No set track as the snow has melted a bit since the latest rain with no recent snowfall. In some places it is too thin a coverage to set track.

The skiing is pretty good considering the recent rain and warm temperatures. There is no plan to groom again until new snow falls.

“Hope to see you on the trails, firing on all cylinders!” said trail groomer Tim Hardie.

“A special thank you to all who have supported our volunteer grooming program in the past (no state funds are used for this program),” said Hardie. “If you haven’t this year, please consider donating to our efforts to keep them ongoing. And of course, gratitude to all the volunteers who donate their time to the trails.

Funding comes through donations to PESPA (Plumas Eureka State Park Association), P.O. Box 1148, Graeagle, CA 96103.

There is also a donation slot on the Museum door at the Museum Trailhead). There are no trail fees, but it’s hoped that trail users will consider donating to the program. Suggested donations are $5/day per person, $25/person for the season and only $35/family for the season.

“We try to groom the trails after each snowfall and weekly to freshen up the trails,” said Hardie. “No walking is allowed on any of the trails.Dogs are not allowed on the main trails.”

This season PEPSA members are actively recruiting new “Ski Patrol” members to assist with the winter program. Ski Patrol members work to dig out equipment, help with trail grooming and pass on important safety rules and history to the public to help them best enjoy one of California’s premier winter destinations, Plumas-Eureka State Park.

Grooming & snow report

JAMISON TRAIL: Groomed, no set track and skating lane, a few thin spots in the fist 200 yards with good coverage throughout.

HARPER’S WAY: Groomed, no set track and skating lane, good coverage.

CAMP LISA: Not groomed.

UPPER CAMPGROUND: Groomed, no set track and skating lane, good coverage.

CAMPGROUND: Groomed, no set track and skating lane, good coverage.


BEAR SCAT FLAT: Not groomed.

PLUMAS-EUREKA: Not groomed, many open spaces on pavement, not able to groom until more snow falls.

Avalanche Advisory

The Central Sierra Nevada Mountain Avalanche Advisoryis issued daily by the Sierra Avalanche Center, covering the Northern Sierra Nevada mountain range from Ebbett’s Pass (State Highway 4, Alpine County) to Yuba Pass (State Highway 49, Sierra County).It applies to back-country areas outside of developed ski areas only. For daily avalanche advisory information, go to the SAC website at sierraavalanchcenter.org or call 587-3558.

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