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Snow grooming report for the week of 2/12/20

I said I wouldn’t groom again until it snowed, but, hey, it did snow a fraction and the snow is still holding up with the recent cold temps so I groomed Feb. 4. It’s hard to keep a groomer in check when he too wants to ski!

Grooming was only done on the Jamison Trailhead side and through the campground, including Camp Lisa.

The Museum Trailhead side has several large, open pavement sections. The first 150 yards provides good skiing, then there are some patchy and thin spots for about 100 yards. Volunteers couldn’t get the grooming equipment around it, but skiers can ski/snowshoe around these areas.

From that point forward, the skiing is actually going to be really good. We spent a lot of time flattening out and tilling the surface. There are some thin spots here and there, so ski with caution or at least with a friend.

Skate skiing should be really good with about 6 km of skiing available. There is set track throughout, though with the very firm conditions, the track did not set as deep as usual. Still the trails are white and groomed!

Go out and enjoy the trails, get some exercise and pray for more snow down the line … thanks for your support of our grooming program.

Grooming & Snow Report

JAMISON TRAIL: Groomed, set track and skating lane, a few thin spots in the fist 200 yards with good coverage throughout.

HARPER’S WAY: Groomed, no set track and skating lane, good coverage.

CAMP LISA: Groomed, no set track, skating lane.

UPPER CAMPGROUND: Groomed, set track and skating lane, good coverage.

CAMPGROUND: Groomed, set track and skating lane, good coverage.


BEAR SCAT FLAT: Not groomed.

PLUMAS-EUREKA: Not groomed, many open spaces on pavement, not able to groom until more snow falls.

Avalanche Advisory

The Central Sierra Nevada Mountain Avalanche Advisory is issued daily by the Sierra Avalanche Center (SAC), covering the Northern Sierra Nevada mountain range from Ebbett’s Pass (State Highway 4, Alpine County) to Yuba Pass (State Highway 49, Sierra County). It applies to back-country areas outside of developed ski areas only. For daily avalanche advisory information, go to the SAC website at sierraavalanchcenter.org or call 587-3558.


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