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The Eagles win!

The Feather River College football team made the last home game in Quincy Nov. 9 very special for Eagles’ fans; they won in an exciting 45-41 game.

Early in the first quarter, the Siskiyous Eagle team scored a touchdown with a clean 31-yard pass from D’Angelo Biggs and a reception from Thairen Sivongsa. Tristan Lewis made a good Siskiyous kick to take the lead 7-0.

FRC’s Jaiden Jones made a 6-yard run to score with 5:39 left in the quarter and Chysen Lagunes made a good kick to even up the score, 7-7.

Siskiyous Zakayas Dennis came back with a 69-yard run to score and add the extra point from Lewis for 14-7 with 5:19 remaining, but the lead was short lived.

FRC’s Skyler Morris caught a 62-yard pass from Dummett to score. Lagunes came through with another great kick to even things up at 14-14 before the second quarter. Already, this was a great game for Eagle fans (Siskiyous and Feather River mascots are both Eagles).

Starting the second quarter the same way they did the first, the Siskiyous team scored on a 57-yard pass from Biggs caught again by Sivongsa followed by another fine kick by Lewis for a Siskiyous lead, 21-14.

Four minutes later the Quincy men scored in an eight-play drive of 64 yards when Dummett made a 12-yard run into the end zone. Lagunes kicked the extra point, 21-21.

The Siskiyous team of Biggs and Sivongsa scored again with an 83-yard pass completion with 3:83 left in the half. Lewis completed the package, 28-21 Siskiyous. Following suit, the FRC team took eight plays to drive 73 yards to the end zone with 1:01 remaining in the quarter. FRC’s David Elder made a 10-yard run to score and Lagunes ensured the tie with a good kick, 28-28.

This was already the best game of the season, but then the Siskiyous team made a move with only 19 seconds left in the half. Ted Wickman received a pass from Sivongsa to score. The Siskiyous team had driven 38 yards in 30 seconds and three plays. Lewis remained consistent with a kick for a 35-28 lead by halftime.

After the break, the FRC Eagles tried something new; a 37-yard field goal was kicked by Lagunes to narrow the Siskiyous lead 35-31.

The Siskiyous team was not the first to score this time, but they came back with a 7-yard pass from Sivongsa caught by Biggs to score. With Lewis’ kick the lead widened, 42-31.

FRC retaliated with a 56-yard pass from George Tribble caught by Morris. Lagunes’ kick narrowed the visitor’s lead to 42-38 with 52 seconds left in the third quarter.

The Siskiyous Eagles were not allowed to score in retribution. The Quincy men drove five plays for 72 yards. FRC Eagle quarterback Dummett threw a 26-yard pass to Morris to score with 8:35 left in the fourth quarter. The crowd went wild as the Feather River men took the lead, 45-42. And then, they held them! For the rest of the game, no Eagle from either team crossed the goal line and that’s how it happened, the FRC men won their last home game.

FRC quarterback Jalen Dummett’s efforts gained 218 yards with 17 completions of 19 attempts to score two touchdowns. George Tribble came in to complete two of two pass attempts for 64 yards and a TD score. Dummett led rushing in 18 attempts for 137 yards. Jaiden Jones carried nine times for 23 yards. Jaylin Babers carried three times for 32 yards. David Elder carried once for a 10-yard gain. Josh Malnoske carried five times for 23 yards and DeQuincy Mitchell carried five times for three yards.

Skyler Morris was the key FRC receiver with five catches for a total of 173 yards. Mitchell caught four for 39 yards. Elder caught three for 28 yards. Marquez Powell caught two for 18 yards. Jimmy Allan, Babers, Anthony Freeman and Malnoske all caught passes for FRC gains against Siskiyous.

Chysen Lagunes-Rapozo kicked a scoring field goal, four punts for 163 yards, eight kickoffs for 463 yards and hit 100 percent of the extra point attempts after FRC touchdowns.

Two kickoff returns were handled by David Elder for a total of 53 yards. Javone McGee and Jaiden Jones each made gains for FRC with kickoff returns.

From the defensive line, Tristan Catan and Kai Anthony each totaled nine tackles. Anthony made five solo tackles. Kimo Masina made four solo tackles and provided three assists. Jeno Bins provided seven assists. Dee Carraway and Rey Sekona both made three solo tackles each with as many tackle assists. Eric Puente made two solo tackles.

Overall, the FRC men achieved 26 first downs. They made 65 offensive plays with an average gain of 8 yards per play. Net passing yards were 282 and net rushing yards were 236 in the game with Siskiyous.

The final game for the FRC Eagles was Nov. 16 in American River against the Beavers.

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