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The fish are biting across Plumas County

Here is a rundown of what’s happening at some of the many popular lakes across the county.

Bucks Lake

   “They planted 40,000 pounds of fish,” said Rebecca Guereque at Bucks Lake Lodge. “That’s what they said, and people are pulling monsters out of the lake every day!” Fishing is reported to be “GOOD!”

During the dam work, no human access is permitted to the Lower Bucks area.

Frenchman Lake

   Matthew Goodwin at Goodwin’s General Store said, “We are doing really good, people are catchin’ pretty easy at the dam and at the first cove left of the dam there are monsters in there!”

Matthew said a woman fishing for the first time came in with a 3.5 pound beauty she caught with salmon eggs.” We are selling a lot of Rainbow power bait,” said Matthew. “It’s doing really well at the dam and the east shore by big cove.” Gary Blanchard was in the store at the time of the report and that’s a good sign the fish are there, too.

 Lake Almanor

Thanks to Almanor Fishing Association for details June 13 on local fishing provided by John Crotty.

Another week of unsettled weather with afternoon winds has water temps dropping back into the low 60s here on Almanor. Water level is unchanged from last week and visibility varies between 12 to 18 feet.

Trollers continue to target fish in the flats on the north/west section of the lake. Fishing has been good and the fish are in great shape as they continue to feed on insects.

Fast, slow or in between are all producing fish. Fishermen must adjust methods based upon weather, slow down and increase setbacks when the lake flattens, speed up and troll hardware when winds prevent the slow troll. Arctic Fox flies at 2 mph will also produce fish. “We are starting to see more boats on anchor targeting fish with the Almanor cocktail (cricket/meal worm suspended off the bottom),” said Crotty.

The bass bite improved over the past week as fishermen target fish in deeper water off docks and rocky points.

The “Hex Hatch” has officially started with large quantities of bugs hatching all along the west shore this past week. Bass, rainbows, browns and salmon are keying in on the larvae and mayfly as they hatch at dusk.

“If you are a fly fisherman and have never witnessed the Hex Hatch on Almanor it is worth your time just to witness these bugs emerge,” said Crotty. “Geese, ducks, bats and all varieties of fish and birds gorge on these delicious bugs.”

The Hex larvae takes 8-10 hours to emerge from the muddy bottom and slowly navigate its way to the surface where it typically hatches at dusk into a beautiful protein filled snack. “Slow fish a nymph early in the evening in water to 25 feet deep and have the dry fly ready at dusk to target rising fish,” said Crotty. “If you see a fish sucking in the mayflies on the surface, anticipate their next move and place your imitation in its path.”

Mark at Sierra Fly & Tackle at Hamilton Branch has all the flies, information and equipment needed. Most fly fishermen are using float tubes, casting a sinking line and slowly back peddling leaving their fly in the targeted zone.

Canyon Dam boat ramp remains the only public boat ramp on Almanor and there is still have no official word on when public campgrounds will open.

A quick reminder, the AFA annual Veteran’s Fishing Day event has been canceled for the 2020 year, hopefully to return in 2021.

Lake Davis

“This morning a group went out early on a boat around the big island and they said it was hot,” said Jeanne Graham up at J&J Grizzly Store. “They were using Baby Simon Flame Copper and Dick Nites at about 16 to 28 feet down. They all said their fish were clean – no parasites.” Fishing is reported to be good for both trout and bass. The ramps are all open but Honker Cove dock is the only one in the water as of June 14.

The Father’s Day Weekend Fishing Derby (originally scheduled for June 20) has been moved to Saturday, Sept. 5, during Labor Day weekend. “We sincerely hope you will be able to join us for a fun-filled day with family and friends and raising money for our local Volunteer Fire Department,” said Jeanne. “As a side note, Saturday, Sept. 5, is a free fishing day in California!”

We would love to see pictures of your fishing adventures, adhering to safe social distancing and other precautionary measures of course. Send pictures of your spring fishing expeditions for publication in the Feather Publishing Sports Section to [email protected].


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