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The latest on fishing at Almanor

Lake Almanor

“We experienced another week of hot weather up here in the mountains this past week; we will see temps drop into the high 80s this week with nighttime temps hovering around the 50 degree mark,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. “Our days are getting shorter with sunrise around 6:30 and sunset 7:50. The shorter days have our water temps holding steady in the mid 70s. Clarity remains steady at 18’ and water level is down a couple of inches from last week.”

The bite improved last week with trollers catching fish on fast and slow gear. A six-fish day is average with a better than average grade of fish. Fish continue to feed on pond smelt and they are in great shape, pond smelt patterns remain the top choice, Arctic fox trolling flies (smelt pattern), and Cop Car needle fish and gulp smelt will all catch fish. “Stay in the deep water and target fish around the forty foot mark,” said Crotty.

Hamilton Branch remains your best chance to catch fish from shore as fish are seeking refuge in the Branch. “I spoke with a bass fisherman who fished two days for one fish; he saw fish just couldn’t get them to play,” said Crotty.

Construction continues on Highway 36 with delays up to a half hour and you can expect traffic delays along the Feather River Canyon and 32 from Chico.

“We have been engulfed by smoke this past week from fires in the Susanville and Quincy area. Both fires have forced residents in their path to evacuate,” said Crotty. “Low visibility has prevented air attacks on the fires and with limited ground resources available we are praying for the health and safety of our neighbors and the firefighters as they battle these fires. In addition we are under a weather watch through Monday night with chances of additional thunder and lightning streaks.”

Thanks to Almanor Fishing Association and John Crotty for providing these current details us.


Lake Davis

Saturday, Sept. 5 is the second free fishing day of the year in California. Coincidentally, the Annual Father’s Day Weekend Fishing Derby is that same day, right in the middle of our Labor Day Weekend. “We sincerely hope you will be able to join us for a fun filled day with family and friends and raising money for our local Volunteer Fire Department,” said Jim Graham at J&J Grizzly Store.


Send your fishing stories and pictures to [email protected] for inclusion in this regular article.

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