The latest on fishing at Lake Almanor

Lake Almanor

There is little change since last week’s report, water temps are in the mid 70s, and clarity remains 18-20 feet. Our summer weather pattern continues and we are expecting at least another week of high 80s to low 90s.

Trout are hanging out in water to 50’ deep and scattered throughout the lake. Rec #1 to the A-frame, East Shore, Big Springs and Rec #2 to the tip of the Peninsula are all holding fish. Crawlers and Gulps at 1 mph on a size 6 or 8 hook, naked or behind a small dodger.

Hamilton Branch is the spot for bank fishermen, crawlers, crickets and power bait remain the preferred baits.

The Hog and Stump fires are contained and smoke at lake level has been minimal. Road construction continues on both sides of 36, 70 and 32 with delays up to 20 minutes.

Thanks to Almanor Fishing Association and John Crotty for providing these current details.

Lake Davis

Saturday, Sept. 5, is the second free fishing day of the year in California. Coincidentally, the annual Father’s Day Weekend Fishing Derby is that same day, right in the middle of Labor Day Weekend. “We sincerely hope you will be able to join us for a fun filled day with family and friends and raising money for our local Volunteer Fire Department,” said Jim Graham at J&J Grizzly Store.

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