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Portola lady Tigers hit a bottleneck at every turn tangling with the Loyalton Grizzlies Jan. 31. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

Tiger boys and girls split against Loyalton

Loyalton Grizzlies get tips from their coach on how to hang on to the lead against the Portola lady Tigers.

Lady Tigers were unable to overcome the Grizzlies in their non-league match Jan. 31 that ended in a 57-33 victory for the Loyalton Grizzlies.

During the game the Grizzlies seemed to be charmed in that any time they threw toward the basket the ball seemed to go in.

It’s not all bad though, the lady Tigers stood at 3-0 in the league as they headed into their very significant league match against Biggs Feb. 3.

The boy Tigers’ game against the Grizzlies started off as a rough-and-tumble match that ended in a close finish at 67-63 with the Tigers finishing on top.

In a fast-paced game where the ball changed hands continuously, the crowd was kept on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.

The end of the first quarter left the Tigers trailing behind 9-13. By the time the match progressed to the 2nd quarter it seemed clear that if the Grizzlies got the ball to their no. 13, Quintin Anseth, the ball was going in the Grizzly goal.

The first half ended with a score of 27-22 with the Tigers taking the lead.

Loyalton and Portola really fought hard in the third quarter matching point for point, Loyalton 12 points and Portola 14, which was enough for the Tigers to slightly increase their lead to 7 points at 34-41.

The final quarter saw the most action with Loyalton doubling their score of any preceeding quarter with 29 points. But, with the Tigers keeping pace putting in 26 of their own, the Grizzly effort wasn’t enough to change the outcome of a very exciting game and a really close finish.

Tiger no. 23, Ricky Johnston, successfully passes the ball to Hunter Price as the Grizzlies close in on his position.

Kodi Lowdermilk put in 23 points and Dom Vukobradovich 20. Antonio Maddalena hit 100 percent of his free throws as did Eric Jacobson. Overall the Tigers hit over 80 percent on their free throws.

Vukobradovich and Maddalena led in rebounds with 9 each.

Portola Tigers sat at 2-1 for the league going into their match with Biggs Feb. 3 hoping to secure their place in the playoffs. Overall the Tigers are 10-9 after the Loyalton match.

Matching point for point, the Grizzlies and the Tigers battle hard in the third quarter.
No. 11, Antonio Maddalena, uses everything he’s got to snag a rebound Jan. 31 and keep the ball away from the Loyalton Grizzlies.

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