Tiger Keegan Folchi runs for the goal Sept. 21 in Portola. Photo by Maria Popish

Tigers charge

Portola Tigers roared to victory Sept. 21, beating the Burney Raiders 20-0 in front of a full stadium of dedicated and cheering fans.

A big streak of Tiger support was on hand to urge the football team forward including the band and a full crew of lively cheerleaders. Booster folk grilled up tasty bits for the hungry crowd and volunteers served in the snack bar.

The scoreboard remained blank at halftime in a standstill as the defensive teams held the offense scoreless. We “fumbled three times at the goal line in the first half, but we were able to bounce back in the second half and play better football,” said PHS head football coach Steve Heskett.

Portola rallied though for sure. The Tigers scored first in the third quarter with a touchdown to end the quarter at 6-0, and added two more TDs and extra points in the fourth quarter for good measure.