The Tigers after a tough, but victorious game with Greenville on April 23 in Portola. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

Tigers tangle with Greenville Indians

Portola hosted the undefeated Greenville Indians, 9-0 overall and 4-0 in the league, on April 23 and won in the dynamic, non-league game 12-8.

The Indians had those Tigers by the tail, keeping PHS from taking the lead until the fifth inning. The way the drama unfolded was, GHS scored a run in the first inning, then two more in the top of the third. PHS came back with three runs of their own in the bottom of the third to tie the game, 3-3. The Indians made their intentions clear when they scored three runs in the top of the fourth inning and held the Tigers to zero gain.

Keeping the message crystal clear, the Indians scored another pair of runs to lead in the top of the fifth inning, 8-3.

Head baseball coach Tim Brubaker has given his direction to turn the Tigers around and win the game, and they did!

Then the Tigers had an incredible inning and scored eight runs to take the lead for the first time, 11-8. They held the Indians to zero in the sixth inning and scored another run in the bottom of the inning. The Tigers prevented any scoring in the top of the seventh and that is how the screw turned. The Tigers were able to put a notch in the undefeated Greenville Indian record.


Two Greenville runs were scored by senior Tristin Clark. Single runs were scored by Isaiah Hilpert, Wade Neer, Colton Lawson, Harlan Savala, Trevor Barr and Kolby Elzea.

Indians Hilpert, Neer, Westin Lawson and Garrett Miille stole bases from PHS. Elzea and Barr shared the catching position for GHS.

“Thing about the game in Portola was all about pitch count restriction,” said Indian head baseball coach Larry Yocum.

“With three more games in the week, we had to use all pitchers very little. I have a much better opportunity today,” said Yocum about the rematch April 26 in Greenville.

Pitchers for GHS in the first match up April 23 in Portola were Clark, Miille, Barr, Elzea and Nick Hampton. Elzea struck out two of 11 batters faced. Miille struck out two of seven batters faced. Clark struck out two of four batters faced and Hampton struck out one of four batters faced.


Junior Justin Wicks scored three runs for Portola on April 23. Tigers Drew Helbig, Sean Sheridan and Hunter Cabral scored two runs each. Single PHS runs came from Lucas Helbig, Cade Wilmer and James Sampson. Tiger Hunter Cabral stole three bases from GHS and Wicks and Chandler Ross stealthily added single bases.

Drew Helbig served as catcher to Tiger pitchers Wilmer, Ross and Cabral. Senior Hunter Cabral struck out five GHS batters of 10 faced. Ross struck out four batters of 10 faced and freshman Cade Wilmer struck out one of 19 batters faced.

The Greenville team seemed unphased by the non-league loss. They went on to win 10-0 and 19-2 two days later, April 25, with Happy Camp, primed and ready to take on the Tigers in the rematch April 26.