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Quincy boys’ soccer is at it again, winning. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Trojan boys’ soccer make a running start

Quincy High School has the benefit of being the only school in the county with enough players for both a girls and a boys soccer team.

The Trojan boys’ record is 3-4-3 overall and they are 2-0-1 in conference. The boys team has 22 players on the roster: William Ross, Sean Mannle, Samuel Lawson, Cameron Dingel, Tommy Thomas and Luis Santos. Junior team members are Isai Sanchez, Trevor Jennings, Nick Caiazzo, Jonathan Swan, Peter Biren and Nic Graham. Sophomores are Canaan Newman, Malachite Nelson, Larsen Davies and Cody Drapeau. Freshman to the team are Toby Dupras, Dylan Miller, Bohdi O’Brien, Rohan Linford and Michael Oravetz.

Cougars lose 7-1

The Quincy Trojan boys had a mighty victory Sept. 24 as they hosted the Paradise Cougars on the QHS home field. Senior Sean Mannle scored two goals. Freshman Rohan Linford, Nic Graham, William Ross, Nick Caiazzo and Tommy Thomas all scored for QHS.

The Quincy goal was protected by senior Cameron Dingel and sophomore Canaan Newman. Dingel was called upon for nine saves and Newman stopped three.

Tigers lose 3-0

In Portola on Sept. 19, the Trojans took on the co-ed Portola Tigers on the PHS field. Ross, Caiazzo and Thomas scored goals. Jonathon Swan didn’t score, but he kept the PHS goalie busy by firing eight shots. Thomas also did his part with eight shots, Ross and Caiazzo made six attempts each.

The Quincy goal was impenetrable with Newman making two saves and Dingel stopping one. No PHS goals made it through.

Lynx tie, 2-2

The CORE Butte team came to Quincy for the first conference game of the season Sept. 17.

Ross and Swan scored Quincy goals. Caiazzo and Ross each made three attempts, junior Isai Sanchez fired twice and Nic Graham took a shot at the Lynx goal, too.

Junior Kyler Klement picked up a yellow card during the game.

QHS Goalie Cameron Dingel stopped eight Lynx shots from getting through to the goal, but one shot slid by to score for CORE Butte.

Canaan Newman managed to stop three shots on his shift as goalie, but one Lynx attempt also hit the mark.

The boys warmed up their season on four Nevada teams, Somerset Sky Pointe from Las Vegas, Sparks, White Pine from Ely and Galena from Reno. All of the Nevada teams beat the Trojans. The QHS boys also played preseason games with Weed (tied 1-1), Modoc (winning 6-0) and Fall River (tied 0-0).

The immediate future presents a home game with the Squaw Valley Academy Bears tomorrow, Oct. 3, starting at 4 p.m. in Quincy.

The Trojans will travel for two away games and return to host Loyalton on Thursday, Oct. 17, at 4 p.m. and Sage Ridge on Saturday, Oct. 19, at 11:45 a.m., for the last regular game of the season.

Quincy boys’ soccer games

10/3 Squaw Valley 4 p.m.

10/8 Portola 4 p.m.

10/10 at Paradise

10/15 at Squaw Valley

10/17 Loyalton 4 p.m.

10/19 Sage Ridge 11:45 a.m.

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