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Rain doesn’t dampen spirits as victorious Trojans hold their trophy high. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

Trojans keep the trophy!

QHS quarterback Conner Caiazzo bolts past the Tigers toward the end zone.

The Portola Tigers took on their rivals, the Quincy Trojans, to win back the trophy they lost to QHS in 2016. The Tigers won the rivalry trophy back in 2015 by a score of 50-26 but the Trojans rallied in 2016 beating the Tigers 36-14. Last year, the battle ended in a vicious 57-0 victory for Quincy, leaving the Tigers badly beaten on the field.

Portola was really pumped and ready for the fight last Friday as the two teams fought hard and long under rainy skies and slick conditions to include a third quarter tie at 28-28.

Quincy showed they meant business putting 20 points on the board in the first quarter, with every intention of running away with the trophy from the very start. The Tigers were able to score a touchdown and extra point putting the first quarter score at 20-7, Trojans.

Portola outscored the Quincy boys in the second quarter with two TDs and extra points while the Trojans scored a touchdown and a 3-point safety leaving the Tigers behind at the half 21-28.

Both teams scored a TD and extra point in the third quarter which included the gripping tie at 28-28, but once the Trojans scored into the lead, the balance of the rivalry game became a stand-off of strong wills.

Defensive teams held the line and neither team crossed the goal line without a referees’ flag for the rest of the game. The energy was so hot on the field that the continuous rain falling turned to steam during that last quarter. Both teams huddled up very near the destination goal post, which kept the crowd under their umbrellas in their seats, but both teams successfully prevented any additional opponent score. The result was that the Trojans jubilantly retained the trophy, which will reside at Quincy High School for another year.

“The Tigers played to our weakness,” said head QHS football coach Tom Goss. “They are a really big team and we are not.” But clearly that didn’t stop the Quincy boys from playing to their own strengths of speed and quick adaptation. “I am really proud of the job the boys did during the game,” said Goss.

Portola quarterback JT Massey, amid a sea of Tigers, prepares to hand off to Irving Juarez, no. 34.

Trojan quarterback senior Conner Caiazzo completed three passes for a total of 53 yards. Rushing for the Trojans was led by senior Sam Langdale with 110 yards in seven spectacular carries. Quarterback Caiazzo did not rest on his laurels, carrying the ball 17 times for a total of 104 yards. Senior Dominic Rinetti was a real crowd-pleaser with his four carries, a total of 88 yards, averaging 22 yards each.

The three completed passes were picked up by senior Miguel Williams at 28 yards, junior Quinn Holzer gaining 18 yards and Rinetti catching a 7-yard pass.

Two touchdowns were scored by Caiazzo and one each from Langdale, Rinetti and Holzer.

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