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Chloe Emmot, left, clears the path on the Sage Ridge field Sept. 19. The Trojans scored a 4-1 victory in their first match of the season. Photos by Tracy Weaver

Trojans take victory on the road

The smilin’ Quincy Trojan girls’ soccer team, top row from left: Aislinn Soares, Sabina Winter, Emma Leff, Maria Luisa and Sophia Becwar-Berry. Middle row from left: CoraGrace Hardy, ReAnna Weaver, Lexi Baumgartner, Kristin Murphy, Olivia Chaffin and Chloe Emmot. Front row from left: Makayla Schafer, Jazzmyn O’Bryant, Haley Stewart, Kailee Hartner and Joan Frank.

The Quincy girls’ soccer team is making close friends with the Scorpions of Sage Ridge, Nevada. The Trojans have four matches this season with their eastern challengers from the desert.

Yesterday, Oct. 2, the Fall River Bulldogs came to Quincy for a match on the Trojan field followed by another Scorpion match today, Oct. 3, at 10 a.m.

The first time the Trojans faced the Scorpions was on their Nevada turf Sept. 19, when the Trojans scored a 4-1 victory in the opening match of the girls’ soccer season.

Sabina Winter scored three of the Trojan goals and Haley Stewart scored the fourth for Quincy. Returning head girls’ soccer coach Jeff Brawley is working the girls hard with four practices a week. Matches against opposing teams are at a premium and the Quincy girls store up plenty of adrenalin for those games.

Of the Sept. 19 game, coach Brawley said, “Sage Ridge scored the first goal and looked pretty strong to start the game, but our girls buckled down on both sides of the ball to give us the victory.”

What a great way to start the season. “This is the first time our girls have started 1-0 in over five years, maybe longer. I know it’s only one game, but I’m very proud of them and how well they played,” said Brawley.

The Trojans gave the Sage Ridge Scorpions another chance to sting Saturday, Sept. 29, again in Nevada.

Trojan Kristin Murphy sets up for a shot in Nevada against the Scorpions on Sept. 19.

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