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Forty-six students from C. Roy Carmichael’s fourth-grade class in Portola, plus helpers, line Lake Davis to watch the action. “Amber Mouser is a saint for doing this,” said Jack Trout lakeside June 13. Photo by Jack Trout

Trout are welcomed home

Students across the county have been witnessing trout plants this past week. The final outdoor adventure for fourth- graders took place at Lake Davis on June 13.

“We have already conducted one for Quincy Elementary fourth grade at Snake Lake, one for Greenville Elementary fourth grade at Round Valley Reservoir, and Chester Elementary School had theirs at the North Fork Feather River on Wednesday June 12,” said organizer Amber Mouser.

Each fourth grade fishing day location received a special plant of rainbow trout on the day of the outing. The school children had the opportunity to hand plant part of the load by bucket.

“This has been an extremely fun and rewarding experience!” said Mouser. Many of the youngsters had never been fishing and apparently there were some very skilled students who even limited out at Snake Lake.

“I really appreciated the help of all of the volunteers, parents, teachers, John Crotty and the Almanor Fishing Association, and Rob Wade from the Outdoor Core Program,” said Mouser. Jeanne Graham from the Grizzly Store and Ed Dillard were on hand to help out with the Lake Davis Kids’ Fishing Day.

“Also, it wouldn’t be possible without the help of our amazing fish hatcheries and the CDFW Fishing in the city program that lent us their fishing rods,” said Mouser.

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