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Volcanoes heat up Quincy court

Trojan Quinn Holzer struggles to get past Volcano Justin Contreras on Jan. 27 in Quincy. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

The Chester basketball teams came to play in Quincy on Jan. 27.

Trojans girls 55, CHS 15

The girls played first resulting in a runaway win for the Trojans 55-15.

The Trojans took the lead in the first quarter, 11-5.

Chester scored 7 points in the second quarter to the Trojan 14.

The Volcanoes were completely shut out in the third and biggest quarter for Quincy, 24 points.

In the fourth and final quarter, Chester really bucked up their defense as they scored 3 points and the Trojans were limited to just 6 points, their lowest quarter of the game.

Chancey Juska was able to do the most damage on the scoreboard for Chester. She managed 5 points, 1 from a free throw. Jacklyn Zuniga and Bailey Redican scored 3 points each for the Volcanoes. Sierra Osorio and Tisa Jansen both added a 2-pointer to the scoreboard.

From the Trojan team, Lexi Baumgartner scored 12 points and Annie Froggatt scored 11. Jaeden Stephens scored 8 points and Brystol Beatley added 6. Emmary Wingfield scored 5 points and Elaina Warndorf and Makenna Crosby scored 4 points each. CoraGrace Hardee added 3 points and Kayla Thackeray scored 2.

Baumgartner scored on two 3-pointers and Wingfield and Froggatt scored on one each.

From the charity line Froggatt and Thackeray hit two of two. Warndorf landed two of four and Hardee scored on one of two chances from the free throw line.

Trojan boys 63, CHS 58

This was a neck-and-neck contest the entire length of the game. The Chester Volcanoes led at the half by a score of 35-32 and the teams were tied up at 58-58 with 3:44 remaining in the fourth quarter.

The turnovers were fast and frequent. Senior Leo Flores led scoring for CHS with 18 points. Sophomore Juan Flores followed with 11 CHS points, senior Jeremiah Mosley landed 10 points, and junior Nick Brent added 9. Senior Justin Contreras scored 6 points and sophomores Joey Tantardino and Zach Brent added 2 points each.

The big quarter for the Vols came in the second quarter when they added 21 points to their score and took the lead from the Trojans by the half. The other quarters were more balanced on the board, 14 points, 13 and 10 points in the final quarter.

The Volcano boys were tenacious and persistent. They gave nothing up and wore the lead well while they had it.

The Trojans mustered up the win though, even after a big rivalry game with the Tigers just a few days before when the QHS boys managed a squeaky win by a single point, 63-62.The Trojans scoring really fluctuated against the Vols. Twenty-three points in the first quarter, 9 points in the second, 22 points in the third and just 9 again in the final, being outscored by the Vols.

Cameron Dingel scored 22 points for the Trojan boys. He hit six of his seven free throw shots and landed a trio of 3-pointers during the game. Kai Hostetter had a good game with 15 Trojan points. Brady Peay added 8 points to the score, Garrison Dyrr added 7, Iynell Thomas added 5 points, Nick Caiazzo 3 points, Colter Little with 2 and Luis Santos, 1 point.

Quincy will meet Portola again Wednesday, Feb. 12, on the QHS court.

The last regular game of the season for the Trojans is Friday, Feb. 14, in Quincy facing the Biggs Wolverines starting at 6:30 p.m.

The Volcanoes will finish their season without further in-county matches. They play Redding away this Friday, Feb. 7, and host their final regular game of the season Tuesday, Feb. 11, with the Burney Raiders. The time had not been listed but expect tip off in Chester around 7 p.m.

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