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Volcanoes travel to McArthur for championship game

Vols fall to Fall River, 45-6

Chester junior Justin Contreras persisted to capture a spectacular pass bouncing on the tip of his fingers with just over a minute left in the final NSCIF championship game.

Senior Michael Bereznak threw the 30-yard pass that put a TD score on the previously bare scoreboard as they faced the undefeated Fall River Bulldogs.

Fall River scored three TDs for 18 in the first quarter and four TDs with three extra points (27) in the second. Fall River led 45-0 at the half.

That was the end of scoring for Fall River. Chester held the Bulldogs to zero in the third quarter and again in the fourth while breaking through to score a touchdown for CHS. The Volcanoes figured out the championship Bulldogs and if the game had been a tad longer, who knows what would be.

CHS beats Biggs, 19-13

The Chester football team was victorious in the greatly anticipated, but delayed, semifinal NSCIF championship game against the Biggs Wolverines on Nov. 20. Added buildup preceded the game because Biggs had earned the advantage to host the match while Camp Fire air quality prevented them playing on the originally scheduled date, Nov. 16.

In a last minute decision the game was played where it was originally intended, just four days later on the Wolverine field. If the delays and uncertainty were not enough, even though statistics looked like the Volcanoes very well could win the match, they had lost to Biggs twice this season. The Wolverines had a key to some Volcano weakness that no other team seemed to notice.

However, CHS did their homework utilizing the delay time wisely. When the game finally played, the Vols held the Wolverines to zero on the scoreboard the entire first half of the game. The only problem was that Biggs also prevented any Chester scoring.

Zeros were wiped away in the third quarter as both teams headed into the end zone, each scoring a TD and extra point to tie the game 7-7.

The fourth quarter was electric with absolutely everything on the line; the winner would head off to the final championship. The Volcanoes pushed forward to score two big TDs and with fans on the edges of their seats, the Wolverines were held to a single TD.

Dramatically, the Volcanoes leapt over the hurdle the Wolverines posed to move on past Biggs to the final NSCIF championship game facing the undefeated Fall River Bulldogs.

Chester High Cheer

The Chester High School cheerleaders have a fundraising campaign for an employee at Plumas Unified School District who unfortunately is one of the camp Fire victims. For more information on the Volcano Cheerleader benefit, contact one of the cheerleaders at Chester High School or email [email protected].

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