What’s happening on the golf course in Graeagle

Men’s golf in Graeagle
The week of golf for the men started July 6 with a round 1 match between Mike Irving and Jim Foug. Jim won on the 17th hole 2 and 1 to move onto round 2.
Games on July 7 were a 4-man challenge called 1-2-3. On the first hole one ball is used, on the second hole, two balls, on the 3rd hole, three balls. The sequence continues for the remainder of the round. First place was taken by the team of Jim Adams, Wally Walker, Andy Knudsen and John Grasso with the combined score of 129. There were two teams tied for second place, coming in with the score of 142. These were the teams of Norm Nichols, Ron Eaton, Bob McIlroy plus Tom Fregulia and the team of Mike Gibson, Steve Peterson and Jack Gilbert, who competed with only three players. Skins that day went to John Grasso with a 3 on hole 1 and then another with a 1 on hole 3! Next came Jim Adams with a 3 on hole 6 and Mike Gibson with a 4 on hole 9. Tom Fregulia took hole 13 with a 3 and Norm Nichols took hole 17 with a 2.
Friday games July 9 were 2-man best ball with each partners’ ball being used 9 times. First place was a tie between the teams of Norm Miller & Bryan Hansen and Chuck Hein & Dennis Flynn, both shooting 62. Third place went to the team of Don Barnes & Dave Macdonald with a score of 63. Only two skins were taken this day with Bob Davies taking hole 1 with a 3 and Norm Miller taking hole 14 with a 2. There was also a round 2 match played on that Friday between Chuck Franck and John Jackson although the results of the match are not known at this time.
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Women’s golf in Graeagle
GMWGC Thursday games July 8 was “Best Nine” in which the lowest nine net scores (out of 18) are added together, and one-half the player’s handicap is subtracted for her “Best Nine” score. The First Flight winners included: First Place, a tie between Lois Childress and Sharon Russell, both with 26.5; Third Place, Alaine Flynn (28); and, Fourth Place, Cheryl Brennan (29.5). For the Second Flight: First Place, Kathy Khalar (23.5); Second Place, Cathy Macdonald (27.5); and, Third Place, Cathe Franck (28.5). Dee Walker made the only “Chip In” on hole 1.
The Thursday game July 1st was “Various Pars” in which each player counted her net score on her best two par threes, two par fives, and five par fours, minus one-half of her handicap. The winners were: First Place, Renee Miller (28); Second Place, a tie among Cindy Hannah, Ginger Holladay-Houston and Dee Walker (each with 31); Third Place, Lois Childress (31.5); and, Fourth Place, Priscilla Piper (32).
In case you missed these results: June 24 the GMWGC members competed to become the June Ace of Aces Qualifier, and also in a game known as “Evens”, in which only the scores on the even numbered holes count, minus one-half the player’s handicap. Congratulations to the June Ace of Aces Qualifiers: Low Gross, Priscilla Piper, with a score of 86; Low Net, Dottie Hattich, with a net score of 68. Winners of the “Evens” game included: First Flight: First Place was a three-way tie, which was broken in a “card-off” resulting in Dottie Hattich taking First Place (net 32); Ginger Holladay-Houston taking Second Place (also 32); and, Third Place went to Alaine Flynn (also 32). In the Second Flight: First Place, Beth Yuill (28); Second Place, Renee Miller (32.5); and, Third Place, Kathy Lyle (35).
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Graeagle Meadows’ hole 17 is surrounded by tall green spectators July 2. Photo by William Hopp