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You meet some of the finest people playing in a card club

At our Saturday, Dec. 21, cribbage tournament we had 11 players including two visitors from the Reno grassroots cribbage club, Beverly Castillo and Les Rasmussen.

Ron Morgan was in his usual winning form once again taking first place with 14 points earned off of seven wins on his day’s performance.

Janet Miller captured second place with a 12/5 scorecard. There were four players each posting 10/5 cards so the third tiebreaker was used to determine their place in the tourney’s finish.  Rasmussen took third with a plus 14-point differential surpassing the net points spreads held by Mike Nesbit, Darlene Pekovich and Doug Hart.

On the day there were five 24-hands held by Castillo, Pekovich, Jan Cook, Brad Archer and Miller who got the last one to win the 24-Hand Pot. Archer and Miller held the only 4-of-a-kind hands so they drew for high card: Brad drew a queen to beat Janet’s five to win the 4-of-a-Kind Pot.

Highlights (or lowlights depending on your perspective) for the day included a double skunk (pretty rare) in game nine between Miller and Dave Boynton. Dave lost by 75 holes, however I should note that Boynton won first place in the Holiday Cribbage Classic doubles tournament in Quincy on Thursday with his partner Chuck Leonhardt.

In game six between Pekovich and Boynton, Dave was dealt three pairs: 5s, 6s and 9s, so he took a huge chance and tossed the pair of fives into Darlene’s crib and, would you believe, she only got a two-point crib! Gutsy move Dave.

I, Doug Rodrigues, had the worst scorecard of the day, a pitiful 6/3 with a spread point differential of minus 34. I have been club champion the last three years but have really been struggling this season and am currently in eighth place with a measly 28 club points compared to club leader Susan Terry’s 117 club points.

It can safely be said that all cribbage players will have a slump period (and certainly more than one) in their playing career. Typically, the player in a slump will do one of three things:  Either take some time off, hit the books and try to figure out what they need to improve or chalk it off to a bad run of the cards. I’m leaning towards a little bit of the second and a lot of the third option.

The key question seems to be “Are you still having fun and enjoying playing?” If the answer is no then maybe it’s time to take a break. It’s always more fun to win than lose, but the game is bigger than just a win/loss record and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You will certainly meet a lot of very nice people playing cribbage. Our club is blessed with having a group of people that pitch in and work together to make the day a more enjoyable one for all. Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” That may apply to professional football, but not to cribbage — just ask any of our players if they still enjoy the day’s activities and to a person you’ll be assured they do!

The Graeagle Peggers Grassroots Cribbage Club meets at Gumba’s Pizza in Blairsden every Saturday for a nine-game tournament. Check-in is at 10:45 a.m. and play begins at 11 a.m.The American Cribbage Congress sanctions the tournaments that qualify when we field enough contestants each week.

For more information or questions, contact Rodrigues, the club’s director at 836-4254. Players of all skill levels are welcome!

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