Oliver Litchfield stands as number three at the California State Judo Championships in Sacramento on June 9.

Young Plumas athletes compete in martial arts state competition

The Dojo martial arts academy took four young competitors from the Greenville and Quincy dojos to the California State Judo Championships held in Sacramento on June 9.

“The Tournament had over 200 of the best judo competitors the state has to offer,” said Sensei Harry Burleson of the Academy. “We are proud to say that the students from our little communities in the Sierra Nevada Mountains did their local towns proud.”

The athletes from the Plumas area Dojo Martial Arts Academy took two third-place finishes out of four entries. “We are now turning our sights onto Nationals,” said Burleson. The Nationaltournament will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, in August. “Wish your local boys and girls good luck as they continue to be their best, and continue their quest for excellence,” said Burleson.

The Dojo continues to grow and expand. “We are always looking for new young boys and girls who have the desire to be the best they can be in the fast growing sport of Judo,” said Burleson. The academy has five locations with classes in Quincy, Greenville, Chester, and Westwood. For more information, visit TheNorthStateDojo.com.